Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The uses and abuses of satellite channels

Our age is an age of science. The gifts of science are uncountable. Wherever we cast our eyes, we see the wonder of science. Satellite TV. Channels are worth mentioning among the wonder of modern science. Satellite TV. Channels are the means of modern communication. It is a system through which we can see and hear events that are happening all over the world sitting in our houses. It has made the secreted world united and interrelated. The whole of the world communities have come closer and smaller through the satellite channels. Dish antenna has helped to catch the programmed and receive from various TV channels. 
There are a lot of satellite TV channels in the world. Of these b.b.c, star plus, star sports, cnn, star movies, zee cinema, ddi, dd7 etc. 
Satellite channels help us a lot by reporting on climatic conditions of different parts of the world. In this way, we can be aware of storms, cyclones and tidal bores. Satellite TV channels of other countries helps us to learn and develop the latest technologies and systems of making films, dramas etc. thus satellite channels are helping to a great extend to enrich our own culture.
Though satellite channels are playing a favorable role, it is also doing harm to our young and new generation. They are showing vulgar and obscene films and causing a harmful effect on the mind, behavior and attitude of our young generation. Our own                                                                        culture is facing the threat of cultural aggression of alien culture.

                             But still we can not-deny the immense benefits we are getting from
                             Satellite channels.       a summer night


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